Fiber-Line® is a US based company with a subsidiary in the Dutch city
of Leeuwarden. Originally, as the
name indicates, their core business was turning fiber into ready to use line, wire, and optic cable.
Today they provide high quality products to a broad range of markets for customers around the globe.

The essence of what Fiber-Line® has to offer, however, is knowledge of and experience in fiber technology. Through the years they have accumulated a huge amount of it, and they are continuously expanding their knowledge base through research, experiments, and cooperation with other knowledge centers, and with their customers. 

My work
Fiber-Line® wanted to share all that with the rest of the world, so I rewrote their history, in a long and a short version (for print and online use), and I edited this summary of what they do and how they think and work.
At the Wire China Convention in September 2012 in Shanghai Fiber-Line® announced their cooperation with Ostasia, a company with offices in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, that will respresent Fiber-Line® in the South East Asia region.
Interested convention visitors were given a box, containing the Fiber-Line® corporate brochure, a folder holder with fact sheets, some product samples, and a USB stick with a presentation about the fiber optic cables industry and its market. I wrote the top flyer for that box.


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